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Phoenix Emergency 24/7 Flood Damage Water Extraction and Removal

Do you have a flood damage emergency in your home and need a 24 hour water extraction and removal service company specializing in 24/7 water damage extraction, cleanup and repair? Think you are covered by your insurance plan?  Think again! Insurance companies will often deny water or fire damage claims that were not reported quickly enough or were not handled through an approved vendor.  Don’t spend your time on-hold waiting for the insurance company to “get back to you.”   Let us do it!

Established relationships get you the best service

At First Choice Restoration, we work with your insurance company to make sure you receive your full benefit.  We are an approved vendor for most major insurance companies in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, and other cities in the Phoenix area. As such, we are able to get the job done at as little cost to you as possible.


First Choice Restoration did an amazing job when my home flooded. They were fast and provided a high level of quality work.


Jason Olson | 02/03/2011

Residential Homeowner

Our specialty services include:

Water Damage Service

First Choice Restoration specializes in both residential and commercial water damage repair services and is here to serve you during your water damage emergency. Our certified technicians are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can have a crew out to the site within an hour or less to begin the water removal process (also known as the water mitigation process) and provide you with a free on-site evaluation using state-of-the-art moisture reading equipment.

What is water damage?

Water damage is the intrusion of water where it can attack the materials it comes into contact with through the destructive processes of rotting, growth, rusting or delaminating of materials. Water damage can be referred to in a number of ways such as water loss, water destruction, or water catastrophe.

What causes water damage?

Water damage can spawn from a number of different sources. These can include:
  • • broken dishwasher hose
  • • washing machine overflow
  • • dishwasher leakage
  • • broken pipe
  • • clogged toilet
  • • leaking roof
  • • moisture trapped in the wall
  • • foundation cracks
  • • plumbing leak
  • • slab leak
  • • faulty appliances
  • • water heater problems
  • • excessive exposure to humidity

What to look out for

Essentially the best thing to look out for on your property is water where it shouldn’t be. The clearest indicators can be standing water or mold growth. Also keep an eye out for darkening, stains, leaks, peeling or bubbling paint, crumbling, bowing, or soft drywall and condensation around your property; immediately identify the source and stop it from causing further damage. If you believe you have solved the problem further inspection is needed to ensure that it is not a reoccurring problem. Your best bet is to call a water restoration professional for an inspection. First Choice Restoration always offers a free on site evaluation using state-of-the-art moisture reading equipment.

Not all water problems are easily discernable. Another indicator that you may have a water problem is if you notice a musty odor in the air. This earthy musty odor is typically the result of mold growth and you should definitely reach out to a water restoration professional immediately. You may also notice a change in the health of a person or pet in the household. First Choice Restoration is certified by the Indoor Air Quality Association and can help protect you from the damaging effects of mold on your health.

Negative impacts of water damage

Water damage can have severe repercussions on your property. It is vital that the mitigation process is started as soon as possible from the time of the water damage incident to avoid more devastation. Both the structural integrity and foundation of your property can be greatly affected if the water removal process is delayed. Water can have seriously damaging effects such as rotting, growth, rusting, erosion, and cracking. Extreme water damage and prolonged exposure can even lead the property being at risk for collapse as well.

Types of water damage

Category 1 Water – This type of damage refers to a water source that is not seen as a substantial threat to humans or pets and is typically referred to as “Clean Water”. This may be the result of a broken water supply line, appliance malfunction, or accidental tub or sink overflow.

Category 2 Water – A water source that contains chemical, biological or physical contaminants and is referred to as “Grey Water”. Consuming this type of water or even prolonged exposure can cause discomfort or sickness. This may be the result of toilet water overflow, sump pump failures, seepage, or water discharge from dishwashers or washing machines.

Category 3 Water – The most dangerous water source known as “Black Water” contains unsanitary agents, harmful bacteria, and fungi. This can be from a number of sources such as sewage, seawater, ground surface water or standing water.

Health hazards

When water damage is not immediately rectified mold growth can begin to form and cause lots serious health issues. Symptoms caused by mold allergy can be watery or itchy eyes, chronic cough, headaches or migraines, difficulty breathing, rashes, tiredness, sinus problems, or nasal blockage. If you notice a change in the health of a person or pet on the property it is important to call in a water damage restoration professional to help remediate your mold problem.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire is an extremely destructive force that can have an immense impact on your property. In order to properly cleanup and restore a property to its original condition an extensive restoration process has to be undertaken. First Choice Restoration has fully certified fire and smoke damage restoration professionals available to determine the extent of fire damage and the scope of the project needed.

Smoke Damage

The behavior of smoke is quite unique and can cause lots of unseen issues in a fire-damaged property. The resulting smoke from a fire can penetrate the cavities of the structure, causing hidden damage and odor. Smoke can also flow through plumbing systems as well traveling throughout a property, even to areas that are seemingly unaffected by the fire. Our trained fire and smoke damage technicians can assess your property and determine how much smoke damage is present.

Types of Smoke / Soot Damage

Wet smoke residues – This type of smoke damage can result from smoldering fires with low heat. It can be accompanied by a pungent odor and is difficult to clean. Dry smoke residues – This type of smoke damage can result from fast burning fires at high temperatures leaving a dry, powdery residue particles. Protein smoke residues – This type of smoke damage is nearly invisible, discolors paints or varnishes, and carries an extreme pungent odor. Fuel oil soot – A furnace or heater puff back can distribute this type of soot damage which is not easy to clean up.

Remove Foul Odors Easily

Damage due to a fire can leave behind smoke stains, soot, mold, and other contaminants. Dry ice blasting is an ideal solution for removing these contaminants without any additional secondary waste and without damaging the substrate any further. More importantly dry ice blasting cleans the substrate entirely and will help remove the foul odor typically associated with fire or smoke damage.

Get the Job Done Efficiently

Labor costs can quickly stack up when working on a fire restoration project; blasting with dry ice is much faster than traditional restoration methods, getting the job done in a third of the time. Our process is also safe enough to remove soot and smoke damage from family valuables such as photo albums or books, restoring them to pre-fire condition.

Mold Damage Remediation

Mold can be found in almost any type of environment. Any type of standing water or water intrusion can lead to a mold growth problem when not immediately taken care of. First Choice Restoration has fully certified mold professionals who can come and provide a free evaluation on-site for your mold remediation project. Our technicians follow strict guidelines as set by the Indoor Air Quality Association.

What exactly is mold?

Simply put, molds are fungi. They can be found in almost every environment on Earth. Mold plays an important role in the eco system helping to recycle nutrients back into the environment. A wide variety of molds produce harmful toxins that can have negative impacts on your health.

Health Hazards

When water damage is not immediately rectified mold growth can begin to form and cause lots serious health issues. Symptoms caused by mold allergy can be watery or itchy eyes, chronic cough, headaches or migraines, difficulty breathing, rashes, tiredness, sinus problems, or nasal blockage. If you notice a change in the health of a person or pet on the property it is important to call in a water damage restoration professional to help remediate your mold problem.

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