Mold Detection, Removal and Repair

What exactly is mold?

Simply put, molds are fungi. They can be found in almost every environment on Earth. Mold plays an important role in the ecosystem –helping to recycle nutrients back into the environment. A wide variety of molds produce harmful toxins that can have negative impacts on your health.

Health Hazards

When water damage is not immediately rectified, mold growth can begin to form and cause lots serious health issues. Symptoms caused by mold allergy can be watery or itchy eyes, chronic cough, headaches or migraines, difficulty breathing, rashes, tiredness, sinus problems, or nasal blockages. If you notice a change in the health of a person or pet on the property it is important to call in a water damage restoration professional to help remediate your mold problem.

Mold exists everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. It prefers warmth and high humidity and must have moisture to grow and reproduce. Mold spores that reach the indoor environment are able to grow on any organic surface. These spores lie dormant until temperatures and moisture are right for them to grow and multiply. During the growth stage, molds sometimes produce toxins that become airborne. Dormant spores also can be released into the air from dry surfaces. Humans who breathe mold spores or toxins may become ill.

One sign of excessive mold is a strong, musty odor. Sometimes the mold is visible, but often it grows undetected. Where mold exists, there may an underlying water problem. Because mold causes the gradual deterioration of the object on which it grows, it is important not to delay in taking action and beginning the mold removal process.

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While it is possible for individuals to clean small areas that are easily accessible, larger areas of mold are best left to mold removal professionals. Anyone who is susceptible to the harmful effects of mold spores or toxins should not attempt mold removal. Well-trained and well-equipped mold removal technicians can perform the work safely and efficiently. They have the knowledge and tools to contain mold spores so that your home or business is not further contaminated by mold removal and clean-up efforts.

As an established Phoenix restoration company we will use all the proper personal protection equipment. We are familiar with the best procedures to clean, dry and restore materials that can be salvaged. Our qualified technicians know how to detect the source of moisture problems and can recommend or institute remedies. They also are skilled in decontaminating areas that may have been polluted by sewage or other harmful types of moisture.

First Choice Restoration provides trained technicians certified by IICRC/IAQ. IICRC is an international non-profit organization, which tests technicians who provide inspection, cleaning and restoration services. Only those technicians who meet stringent standards obtain certification. First Choice Restoration technicians also complete courses to certify in indoor air quality, or “IAQ.” This important aspect qualifies them to test and preserve air quality, remedy any mold problems that may exist in heating and air conditioning systems and remove mold particles that may become airborne.

For mold removal in Phoenix and outlying areas, look no further than First Choice. We are a local company that has the expertise to provide the quality services you crave. Our certified mold removal technicians are available around the clock every day of the year at any time.

Having an Emergency? Call us 24/7 at (480) 981-1131.

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