Mold Remediation

mold growing on water soaked beams

What does mold remediation mean?

When water damage is not immediately rectified, mold can begin to form and cause serious health issues. Mold remediation (defined as the action of remedying something; in particular of reversing or stopping environmental damage) must be completed professionally in order to avoid health implications.

What exactly is mold?

Simply put, molds are fungi. They can be found in almost every environment on Earth. Mold plays an important role in the ecosystem, helping to recycle nutrients back into the environment. A wide variety of molds produce harmful toxins that can have negative impacts on your health.

Mold and Health

When water damage is not immediately rectified, mold can begin to form and cause serious health issues. Health issues caused by mold include watery or itchy eyes, chronic cough, headaches or migraines, difficulty breathing, rashes, tiredness, sinus problems, or nasal blockage. If you notice a change in the health of a person or pet on the property it is important to call in a mold remediation professional to eliminate your mold problem.

How to Spot Mold

Mold exists everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. It prefers warmth and high humidity and must have moisture to grow and reproduce. Mold spores that reach an indoor environment are able to grow on any organic surface. These spores lie dormant until temperatures and moisture are right for them to grow and multiply. During the growth stage, molds sometimes produce toxins that become airborne. Dormant spores also can be released into the air from dry surfaces. Humans who breathe mold spores or toxins may become ill.

In our dry desert conditions, mold can oftentimes go unseen. Moisture problems are typically found in or behind cabinetry, underneath sinks, in ceilings and between floors. Just because you cannot see it, doesn’t mean mold isn’t there. If a roof leak wasn’t rectified properly, or you fixed that leaky pipe but didn’t get the baseboards thoroughly dried out, mold can form without you knowing. Where mold exists, there may a current underlying water problem. Because mold causes the gradual deterioration of the object on which it grows, it is important not to delay in taking action and beginning the mold removal process.

First Choice technicians are IICRC certified, meaning they’re trained in the proper handling, repair, and elimination of mold and its effects from both commercial and residential properties. Contact First Choice to learn more about the mold remediation process, and how easy it is for us to complete the job correctly.

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