Mold Removal and Water Emergencies

Whether your dishwasher has sprung a leak, or your entire home has been flooded, immediate steps should be taken to reduce both the larger scale damage water creates, and its microscopic counterpart –mold. Testing, treatment and proper mold removal is crucial to the successful restoration of the health of your home or business. Unfortunately, the myth that bleach kills mold has spread far and wide. The reality is bleach doesn’t kill or prevent microscopic mold spores from developing into a hazardous situation. People who live, work, or play within a mold-contaminated building could be unknowingly jeopardizing their health with serious and long-lasting consequences.

Calling First Choice Restoration at the first sign of leaking or flooding water can prevent mold from forming in the first place, drastically reducing the time and cost of repairs required and the health risks associated with mold contamination.

First Choice has been providing mold removal services in Phoenix since 1992.

Depending on the source of the moisture and its class of contamination, mold can quickly develop in wet areas in as little as 24 hours, despite Arizona’s abnormally dry climate. Even with a small amount of moisture, the Phoenix Metro area’s year round warm temps allow for drywall paper, insulation, wood, and other organic sources of mold “food” to become a hazard, sometimes going unnoticed for years.

Our First Choice Restoration team is IICRC certified in mold abatement, and will take established precautions in properly testing, treating, repairing and/or replacing the mold-contamination, as well as the preventing mold cross-contamination to the unaffected areas.

Call First Choice Restoration immediately if you’re seeing:

  • standing water in your home or business
  • wet or bubbling drywall
  • ceiling stains or leaks
  • a/c condensation line leaking
  • uncontrollable loss of water from a broken interior pipe or burst water heater
  • uncontrollable loss of contaminated toilet or washing machine water (category III)

By calling First Choice Restoration
first we can:

  • stop the loss of water by shutting off the source, or tarp off the roof in a storm damage situation
  • arrange a quality plumber to quickly come fix the source of the leak (if necessary)
  • work directly with your insurance carrier to file claims and manage other people involved in an insurance loss (if appropriate)
  • develop a restoration plan with an agreed upon scope of work (important to your insurance company), that restores your home or business back to before the loss – or even better!
  • give you peace of mind that the health of those around you will not be affected after proper mold removal

Call to schedule an appointment
for a mold removal estimate if you see:

  • obvious signs of mold
  • darkened or warped cabinetry –especially near a sink, fridge or dishwasher
  • have had a previously untreated water loss in your home or business that you would like evaluated
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